Chemical Products made especially for Your company

Our adaptability is what makes us different

In T.I.D.E we work hard to improve the efficiency of your company by providing unique solutions, as very often your circumstances are equally unique. For this reason we do not confine ourselves to simply selling chemical products for industrial wastewater but we adapt to you, literally. This is one of the factors which mark us out from our competition.

We study your case in depth until we can find solutions and products which not only resolve problems but also optimize your industrial wastewater treatment processes. In addition we test out these processes on a laboratory scale until we are entirely convinced that everything will work as expected.

We can meet all your needs in matters related to wastewater pollution. We are also able to create new individualized chemical products and use different raw materials due to our modern facilities with our own R&D department.

Our chemical products

Amongst our products, all of them made up in T.I.D.E facilities, you can find coagulants, flocculants, bleaches, biofoods, antifoams, defoamers, nutrient eliminators and polyelectrolytes. But we don’t stop there; whatever your needs, get in touch with us and you will find it, even if it doesn’t exist yet.