Our Biofoods

Biodegradable and easy to assimilate

We have a wide range of Biofoods for biological wastewater treatment plants and biological systems. Many problems can be resolved with the use of Biofoods; performance improves and at the same time so does the performance of your company.

What are Biofood products?

Biofoods are organic products which act as a food or food supplement for biological wastewater treatment plants after long stoppages or in biological systems with insufficient mass (DQO/KgSSx day) for optimal working.

They are completely biodegradable and easy to assimilate by the bacterial mass, and in this way the biological activity of the sludge is maintained over long periods. 

Amongst other things they tend to be used as follows:

  • Food supplement in biological systems with little biodegradability fostering the development of the bacteria.
  • Supplement for biological plants with insufficient mass load.
  • Food for biological plants after long stoppages (For example: for maintenance or holidays).