Our nutrient elimination products

Appreciate balanced water

We have a range of different chemical products to eliminate nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, thus preventing them from being poured into rivers and making it possible to comply with the limits established by current legislation.

In addition, if your company has special needs, our R&D laboratory can create products for the elimination of nutrients specifically for you, and indeed any other chemical product for wastewater treatment you may need.

Why does one need products to eliminate nutrients?

Although nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) are essential elements in any ecosystem, an excess in rivers can cause an increase in primary production (photosynthesis) and imply serious consequences to the composition, structure (uncontrolled proliferation of algae) and dynamics of the ecosystem (eutrophication).

They must be used regularly in biological plants which have difficulty in reducing them to the limits required by law as well as in primary physicochemical plants.