T.I.D.E is more than just a wastewater treatment company

What do we do?

By working with you we can meet your needs more effectively

We are a Barcelona company with a thoroughly responsible way of working, which is based on our expert experience. Our work is based on two principles: improving our customers’ business and at the same time contributing to the conservation of the environment. We work to implement and/or optimize all the treatments which companies carry out on wastewater, water abstraction and processing. We offer products , consultancy, engineering, training, analysis, etc.

In T.I.D.E we really adapt to the needs of our customers. We cover any need they may have which is related to the entire water cycle, including the development of tailor-made products and solutions. For this we have modern facilities as well as laboratories and a R&D department.

We avoid risks

We try everything first

Another of the things that makes T.I.D. E different is our prudent way of working. The proof of this can be found in our pilot plants in which, before implementing any treatment on an industrial scale, we carry out all the relevant tests on a laboratory scale.

We represent a change for the better

Effectivness and sustainability are possible

T.I.D.E came into existence with two driving principles; we protect the environment with our work and at the same time, find the most effective solutions for companies.

Why is change needed?

Good management is based on understanding one’s limits

For much of the 20th century water administration was based on constructing large regulatory and supply infrastructures (reservoirs and supply systems), reducing problems of resource management and guaranteeing supply.

But this way of working with water has gone into crisis. It is obvious that we can’t go on satisfying unlimited demand by constantly expanding supply which has physical, ecological and economic limits.

So, as accessible and cheap sources gradually dry up, new resources are becoming ever more limited, distant, and thus more expensive.  This, together with the growing deterioration of resources – river pollution, over-exploitation of aquifers, degradation of wetlands and riverbanks and other ecosystems related to water – has made it clear that there is a need to move towards a new water culture based on rational and sustainable water use.

As a result of our growing concern over the constant deterioration of our ecosystems we founded T.I.D.E, whose raison d’être is the protection and defense of the water environment.