Free analysis of water and sludge

Why don’t we charge?

We know that if we can demonstrate our expertise in water and sludge analysis you will realise that there is a good chance we can also meet your needs in other areas of your business.

Analysis of waste water

We analyse the state of the waste water free of charge and with no obligation. And if we do end up working with your company we will monitor the quality of your water on a regular basis in our laboratory.

We will also ensure that any water treatment system we install is in perfect condition throughout its useful life, for no extra charge. Every installation we make becomes an important asset and we like to keep it in perfect condition.

Analysis of sludge (microbiological and chemical)

We analyse the state of the sludge in your biological plants and their physicochemical characteristics free of charge and with no obligation. 

Our microbiological and chemical analysis identifies typical problems such as the (possible future) appearance of filamentous micro-organisms, bulking, low sedimentability, etc. Afterwards, if you wish we can provide preventive measures or solve the problem.