We can advise you on the treatment and reuse of wastewater

Our solutions are surprising

Our knowledge is not restricted to our specific areas of expertise. We have excellent knowledge of companies’ production processes in many different sectors. For this reason we can suggest solutions which you may not expect. Solutions which, in addition to improving our customers’  efficiency and performance, also prevent damage to the environment.

We can offer different types of consultancy:

Optimization of wastewater treatment systems

We carry out an in-depth study of your wastewater treatment system so we can suggest the most effective improvements: mechanical, physical, chemical, physicochemical and/or biological.

Reuse of wastewater

We identify the different ways of reusing your wastewater (partially or totally), whether you wish to reuse it in the production process (advanced treatment) or for cleaning? (standard treatments).

Water balance

We carry out an exhaustive study of the water consumption in all your company’s production areas, both in the individual areas and in terms of the entry and exit of water into and out of the factory.

Waste management

We help you to evaluate your best options in terms of management or reuse of waste generated in your plant.