Waste water engineering

We deal with all areas

We are specialists in water engineering, dealing with all areas related to the treatment and reuse of wastewater. We work to optimize all your company’s processes with solutions which also take sustainability into account.

Complete Security

We know that there is a great deal in play when embarking on engineering projects in your company. Before undertaking any changes or installing equipment we carry out pilot tests in our laboratory so we can be entirely sure that everything works out as planned.

Our project areas

  • Primary filtration systems
  • Homogenization and aeration tanks
  • Physicochemical treatments
  • DAF (Dispersed Air Flotation) flotation systems, primary and secondary
  • Lamellar decantation systems, primary and secondary
  • Biological treatment systems
  • Sludge dehydration systems (filter presses, centrifugal filters, band filters, sludge thickeners)
  • Tertiary treatments