Free services

We invest in you

In T.I.D.E we offer a series of services which carry no charge or any kind of obligation. We do this because it is important to us to get to know you well and for you to see how we work. We establish a professional relationship as we want you to feel the peace of mind enabled by our technical service.

We can do this for you with our methodology, our tailor-made service and the following free services:

Free viability studies

After taking samples and studying them we make a diagnosis of the product lines which are best adapted to each customer’s needs. We then write a report of the results obtained (technical, economic and environmental viability) which we hand to you in person so you can clear up any possible doubts.

Free analyses

In T.I.D.E we charge nothing to carry out wastewater and/or microbiological (sludge) analyses in our laboratories. It is not difficult and we like to have the details.

We believe we can convince you

Made to measure products

Thanks to our modern laboratories with R&D department and our experienced staff we are able to make up chemical products, not available until now, which suit your needs exactly. This is a privilege which few can offer and we don’t charge extra.

Pilot plants

One of the things which marks us out and which generates most trust amongst our customers is the fact that we have pilot plants in which we can test everything before implementing it on a large scale. Here we treat your company wastewater on a laboratory scale where we can replicate the various different treatment systems. We evaluate the current operating conditions and identify any possible irregularities.  Thus we can prevent, correct and/or optimize your processes.

In this way both we and you can be confident, knowing that everything will work and there will be no unforeseen difficulties.